Curatatorie-Spalatorie.ro offers the following quality services

  • Dry-cleaning/washing
  • Stain removal and revitalising the fabric
  • Professional ironing
  • Carpet laundry
  • Free of charge collecting and delivery in Bucharest, for orders above 30 lei


The dry-cleaning is made with special solvents this being the best way to clean textile items without neither deteriorate them nor changing their size.

We are using solutions of the best professional quality; these are nontoxic as well as biodegradable.


The washing process takes place in last generation of professional washing machines and uses import detergents of superior quality. The result is a professional washing, the preservation of the colours and the refreshing of the fabric.


The cleaning of carpets is done with 3 methods: dry-cleaning with active foam, injection-extraction washing and last method traditional washing with water and carpet shampoo. Our specialist chooses the adequate method after checking the type of carpet/moquette and/or its degree of filthiness.

The detergents used for the cleaning process are ecological and provide a remarkable clean and fresh look to the carpet/moquette.


Contact us and you will see that our services are some of the best in the field!



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